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Lenovo On-Site + Accidental Damage Protection + Keep Your Drive + Premier Support - 4 Year Extended Service - Service - On-site - Maintenance - Parts & Labor - Physical, Electronic Service Next Business Day - Parts and Labor - TAA Compliance
Mfr. Name : Lenovo Group Limited Mfr. Part# : 5PS0N73191
Category : Services & Training / Services  
Condition : New
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Lenovo Group Limited
Manufacturer Part Number:
Manufacturer Website Address:
Brand Name:
Service Name:
On-Site + Accidental Damage Protection + Keep Your Drive + Premier Support - Extended Service
Product Type:

Product Details by Manufacturer

Service Information
Service Main Type:
Service Sub Type:
  • Physical
  • Electronic
Service Characteristic:
Parts & Labor
Provided Support:
  • Accidental Damage Protection
  • Phone Support
  • Parts Replacement
  • Repair
  • Defective Media Retention
Service Response Time:
Next Business Day - Parts and Labor
Service Location:
Service Duration:
4 Year
Product Supported:
Lenovo ThinkCentre:
  • Edge 63z 10D4, 10D5, 10D6, 10D7, 10E0, 10E2
  • Edge 93z 10B8, 10B9, 10BA, 10BH, 10BJ, 10BK
  • M32 10BM
  • M53 10DB, 10DC, 10DD, 10DE, 10DW, 10DX, 10DY, 10EC
  • M600 10G8, 10G9, 10GB, 10GD, 10GF, 10GH, 10GK, 10GM, 10KH, 10KK
  • M7 10EY
  • M700 10GQ, 10GS, 10HY, 10J0, 10JM, 10JN, 10JQ, 10JR, 10JS, 10JT, 10KN
  • M700z 10EY, 10F1
  • M710q 10MQ, 10MR
  • M710s 10M8
  • M710t 10MA
  • M715q 10M2, 10M3, 10M5
  • M73 10AX, 10AY, 10B1, 10B3, 10B4, 10B7, 10DK, 10DL, 10DM
  • M73e 10AY
  • M73z 10BB, 10BC
  • M78 10BN, 10BQ, 10BS, 10BT
  • M79 10CQ, 10CS, 10CT, 10CW
  • M800 10FV, 10FX
  • M800z 10ET, 10EU, 10EV, 10EW
  • M810z 10NX, 10NY, 10Q0, 10Q1
  • M83 10AG, 10AH, 10AK, 10AN, 10E9, 10EA, 10EB
  • M900 10FC, 10FG, 10FL, 10FM, 10FR, 10NE, 10NG
  • M900x 10LX, 10LY
  • M900z 10F2, 10F3, 10F4, 10F5
  • M910q 10MU, 10MV, 10N0
  • M910s 10ML
  • M910t 10MN
  • M910x 10MY, 10N0
  • M910z 10NR, 10NS, 10NT, 10NU
  • M93p 10A6, 10A8, 10AA, 10AB, 10DH
  • M93z 10AC, 10AD, 10AE, 10AF
  • P9 10F2, 10F3
  • X1 10HT, 10HU, 10JW, 10JX, 10K0, 10KE
Lenovo ThinkStation:
  • P310 30AS, 30AU
  • P320 30BG, 30BH, 30BJ, 30BK
  • P410 30B2
  • P510 30B4
  • P710 30B6
  • P910 30B8
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